Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Little Star

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The story begins with Helen (Jennylyn Mercado) and her sister Paula (Sarah Labahti) who are on their way to visit their father, Gener (Allan Paule), in Manila. Unfortunately, the ship they are on meets an accident. While Paula gets rescued immediately, Helen is left behind in the sea with an infant she found in the ship. With them is Dave's (Mark Anthony Fernandez), a good-hearted and handsome photographer. Soon, the three are rescued. As they part ways, it is obvious that a connection has already been built between Helen and Dave. Their son, Nino (NIcky Castro)
Sisters Helen and Paula then find out that aside from being ill, their father failed to send them money because Gener is also supporting his new wife, Ruby (Maricel Morales), and their son, Joross (Jiro Manio). In spite of being hurt by their father’s lies and infidelity, Helen and Paula are left with no choice but to live with them. The awkward situation prompts Helen to search for a job. With Dave’s help, Helen, a simple, pretty, and responsible young woman who failed to finish college due to poverty, soon works as an assistant to singing sensation, Gwyneth (Lovi Poe).
Gwyneth is one of the successful celebrities in showbiz whose flourishing career as a singer is envied by her friends and contemporaries. But amidst her success, Gwyneth faces the biggest dilemma in her life – that she is pregnant!
What started as a blind item is soon named in showbiz talk shows, but Gwyneth denies all the intrigues claiming it’s her assistant, Helen, who is pregnant and not her. Unknown to everyone, Gwyneth has asked Helen to support her statement and pose as her child’s mother in exchange for a big amount of money. Helen’s ardent suitor, Lester (Paolo Contis), who is an opportunist, joins the deal and poses as the child’s father.
Will Gwyneth pursue the deal? Will she be willing to abandon her child to keep her fame? Or will her love for her own son prevail?
Will Helen, at her young age, accept the responsibility of raising a child for the sake of money? What if Dave finds out that the fire he played with Gwyneth bore a child? Will he save his son from abandonment? And amidst chaos, will the magic of love sparkle between Helen and Dave? Which will prove stronger – familial bonds or the heart’s desire.
p/s: 80 episode, mon-thu 4pm at tv3

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