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Pahiram ng Sandali (Chasing Moments)

Pahiram ng Sandali (Chasing Moments)

Alex and Cindy find love and inspiration in each other’s arms. However, the young couple parted ways when Cindy left to study abroad. She promised to comeback for Alex. Though devastated, the latter continues his life and begins to pursue his dreams.

Through hard work and diligence, Alex fulfilled his long time dream of becoming a photo journalist. Here he crosses paths with Janice, an older woman, works as an editor-in-chief in one of the famous tabloids in the country.

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Janice manages her career with flying colours but such a failure when it comes to family matters [she craves for her husband’s love and attention and battles to win her only daughter’s affection]. On the other hand, Alex, being an unwanted child decided to carry out his vengeance plans against his biological father by becoming extremely successful. These two lonely souls finds solace in each other, and despite their age gap and social differences, prove that anyone can be bound in friendship. But their special friendship grows into an unlikely romance. Things get more complicated when Alex learns that Janice is Cindy’s mother!

~ Cerita tagalog ni main kat tv3, isnin sampai khamis jam 3pm. Aku tak minat Dingdong sebab boring. Asyik drama dia aje main di tv3 tapi tadi episod pertama tu, aku layan juga. Nampak macam cerita pun best. Lagipun aku minat dengan si Lorina tu ( Red Butterfly). Pahiram ng sandali (chasing moments) dah kira lamalah juga 2012. Semua ada 80 episod.

~ Kat bawah ni sinopsis episod akhir Pahiram ng sandali (chasing moments). Copy paste dari pinoy tv review

Just as Alex came near to the taxi calling on Cindy, automatically the taxi went away that Alex loses his chance. Then, as Alex is having his radiation therapy, he told the incident to his father and asked for his help to see Cindy knowing that she’s back.

On the other hand, Cindy came to the grave bringing with her the baby and talk to Philip that ever since her baby came, her life changed, she was able to let go of the past, able to forgive those people who have hurt her, wishing that he was there to see what her baby looks like.

And as promised, Larry came to Janice to look for Cindy, but Janice said that Cindy isn’t back yet but was told by Larry that Alex saw her in the taxi, this confused Janice that Larry press more on the subject to see Cindy, telling her that his son is terribly sick, he is dying for he have cancer.

Knowing his time is limited Alex took his typewriter and started to type letters for his child. He begins with introducing himself, greeting the child on his birthday, told him to study hard so that he can do all the things he wanted when he grows up and if ever he met a girl he can love, he should set up and know his top priority but still loving someone with all his heart.

Walking down the staircase, Janice saw Cindy’s baggage, saw her daughter and uttered, “Nagbalik ka na nga…” Cindy said yes and let her mother hold the baby, saying sorry for becoming stubborn, for hurting her and becoming selfish, hoping that she forgive her, but Janice said she should be the one who should ask for forgiveness, and this time they were able to let go of the past, able to patch things as mother and daughter.

When Janice and Cindy is sharing a meal together and bought the subject about the baby’s father, Janice told her that Alex is sick, that it is a terminal disease, which shocked Cindy to the point of not accepting it. Right away, Cindy decided to see Alex and went to his house but it was a wrong move for Alex decided to go to a special place bringing with him his family. There was even a hassle for the communication was cut for Alex didn’t bother to bring his celphone and Thea’s mobile is lowbat. That Larry have a hard time contacting Alex’s whereabouts when Cindy asked where he is.

But still determine and because Cindy is pressed with time, she decided to go to this particular place that she knows where Alex would go.

Like it was fate for them to meet, Cindy is right upon reaching that place for she saw Alex’s family she was welcomed by Thea, who holds the baby after seeing her.

Later just as Alex is wandering to the place where he frequently went at with Cindy, he reminiscent the past, and heard Cindy’s voice, and as he turned around he saw her with their baby.

Time went by when Baby Umali go on to her life, going back to the bar singing, also Andrew got better and came out in the mental institution giving him another chance to change for the better whereas Alex family accepting the fact that Alex is about to leave them just hang on tight in the same time crying for the inevitable.

Eventually, Cindy forgives Alex. And the remaining scenes are how Alex spends his remaining time in the company of his family to Cindy and to his baby. 

The End.


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